Becky+Will / Santa Margarita Ranch

Sometimes ya just need some boots and a little whisky…

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Photography by Sophie Murdoch

Coordination by Touch of Style Events

Venue is Santa Margarita Ranch

Catering by Two Cooks Catering


Carrie+Scot / Santa Margarita Ranch

carrie_scot_wed-112 carrie_scot_wed-37 carrie_scot_wed-55 carrie_scot_wed-71 carrie_scot_wed-103 carrie_scot_wed-113 carrie_scot_wed-595 carrie_scot_wed-56 carrie_scot_wed-64 carrie_scot_wed-72 carrie_scot_wed-319 carrie_scot_wed-588 carrie_scot_wed-173 carrie_scot_wed-188 carrie_scot_wed-315 carrie_scot_wed-529 carrie_scot_wed-613 carrie_scot_wed-749 carrie_scot_wed-57 carrie_scot_wed-605-1

venue is Santa Margarita Ranch

photos by Studio Castillero

coordination by Arranged by Patrice

food by Pacific Harvest Catering

linens by La Tavola Linen


a day in the life of April Flowers

Follow us thru the lens of Plum Jam Photography as they capture myself and fellow flower lover Addison setting up a wedding at the Dana Powers Barn from this past September. Yes, I stood on the part of the ladder you’re not supposed to. Yes, we use zip ties, hammers, double stick tape and ugly buckets to haul flowers around in. We also have loads of splinters, gardeners hands and never have a manicure March-November but hey…the flowers are gorgeous right? ;)

ADITL_012_AprilFlowers ADITL_325_AprilFlowers ADITL_304_AprilFlowers ADITL_252_AprilFlowers ADITL_318_AprilFlowers ADITL_208_AprilFlowers ADITL_331_AprilFlowers ADITL_310_AprilFlowers ADITL_301_AprilFlowers ADITL_278_AprilFlowers ADITL_265_AprilFlowers ADITL_094_AprilFlowers ADITL_288_AprilFlowers ADITL_286_AprilFlowers ADITL_271_AprilFlowers ADITL_243_AprilFlowers ADITL_228_AprilFlowers ADITL_160_AprilFlowers ADITL_232_AprilFlowers ADITL_218_AprilFlowers ADITL_188_AprilFlowers ADITL_309_AprilFlowers ADITL_195_AprilFlowers ADITL_027_AprilFlowers ADITL_125_AprilFlowers ADITL_040_AprilFlowers ADITL_265_AprilFlowers ADITL_228_AprilFlowers ADITL_206_AprilFlowers ADITL_178_AprilFlowers ADITL_148_AprilFlowers ADITL_050_AprilFlowers ADITL_027_AprilFlowers ADITL_014_AprilFlowers ADITL_007_AprilFlowers ADITL_345_AprilFlowers ADITL_004_AprilFlowers



Intimate vow-renewal @ The Sanitarium in San Luis Obispo

Check out these pretties for a lovely vow renewal at the Sanitarium in SLO. The sweet vow renewal was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes HERE.

lisaleonardsanitarium_066 Blog-Collage-1384894716020 Blog-Collage-1384894446535 lisaleonardsanitarium_069 Blog-Collage-1384895063014 lisaleonardsanitarium_007 lisaleonardsanitarium_028 lisaleonardsanitarium_047 lisaleonardsanitarium_006 lisaleonardsanitarium_008 lisaleonardsanitarium_020 Blog-Collage-1384894138957 vowrenewal-wedding-17 vowrenewal-wedding-25 vowrenewal-wedding-26 vowrenewal-wedding-10 vowrenewal-wedding-27 vowrenewal-wedding-09 vowrenewal-wedding-07

Photography by Cameron Ingalls

Design+Cake Toppers by Lisa Leonard

Food by Two Cooks Catering

Jewelry by Baxter Moerman


Amy+Brendan / HammerSky Vineyards, Paso Robles

A beautifully full table set for a few of Amy+Brendan’s closest family and friends. I love intimate celebrations and, of course, loads of flowers. Enjoy!

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Photography by Mike Larson

Venue is HammerSky Vineyards

Catering by Trumpet Vine Catering


The Wedding Standard Ezine II is live!

Issue II of the Central Coast Wedding Standard is ready for your viewing pleasure!! I’m honored to be one of the editors of this ezine, working along side Jessica @ Papersky, Whitney @ Rosey Calligraphy and Cameron @ Cameron Ingalls Photography has been so enriching both creatively and personally. I’m so lucky to be a part of this awesome Central Coast wedding community. So, with out further ado please take a look at this awesome collaboration of people who are crazy passionate and talented at their craft. You can see snippets of the ezine below but please click HERE to see the entire ezine in all it’s beauty.


Table-of-contents 3-wizard-small-1 9-bridesmaids-small-1 bohemian-love-slide-show-1 editors-shoot2-1 greengate-venue-spotlight-1 santa-margarita-1 sparkle-1


Jamie+Andrew / Dana Powers House, Nipomo

Jamie+Andrew are beautiful inside+out. They love cats just about as much as each other and are the prettiest pair. Oh, their wedding was also featured on 100 Layer Cake HERE.

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Photography by Marcella Treybig

Venue is Dana Powers House+Barn

Food by Pacific Harvest Catering

Sweets by Enjoy Cupcakes

Coordination by Robyn Holland of The Freckled Pie

Invitations by Hello Lucky

Hair+Make up by Asha @ The Queen’s Bees


Negranti Creamery Shoot / HammerSky Vineyards, Paso Robles

Negranti Creamery (sheeps milk!) ice cream truck, HammerSky Vineyards and Mirelle Carmichael behind the lens…need I say more? Be sure to check out Negranti Creamery and their ice cream truck available for weddings and events. Super….sweet!

negranti_058 - Version 2



Oh my – we are so behind!

It’s been a wonderfully busy wedding season and we are so behind on our blog posts! We’ll be back up to speed soon but in the meantime check out some of our recent work being featured!



garry and taylor-20


PHOTO CREDITS: The Cana Family (1) + The Why We Love (2)



Sweet Ellis and her first year.

My daughter, Ellis, turned 1 on 4/6. Time has passed me by as I’ve tried to burn the memories of our first year as a family of three into my mind. I’ve tried to write it all down – journal it all so I won’t forget what she was like as a brand new little babe. So I won’t forget all the firsts she’s accomplished in 1 year. Her first word (doggie), first step (10 months), first teeth (6 months), first foods (4 months), first night at home with us. Tried to write it all down so Josh and I will have something to read years down the road to remember how tired we were, how lost we felt at times and how we stuck together, made the best decisions we knew how and prayed it would all turn out alright.  Tried to write it all down so we could look back and see the small victories+triumphs after all was said and done. Write it all down and remember it all so that one day I can pour it out to Ellis and hopefully she will understand just how deep our love goes. It reaches down to a place I didn’t even knew existed. I feel so excited to explore that place in my heart more as we head into another year with Ellis in our lives. xoxo

In honor of Ellis’s first birthday (and Josh’s 30th!) we had a party to celebrate. Here are some pictures from the day+weekend. We had a great time with many of our friends and family who came to celebrate! We had 16 people and 6 kids stay with us for the weekend and it was so much fun! These photos were taken by my AWESOME+talented long time friend, Jessie Kenney over @ Juneberry Photo. I will treasure them always.